July 19, 2020

I am no professional, that’s for sure. I am just starting out in VFX. This is a hobby for me, for the most part. Have done some small vfx shots for others. However, for the most part I make shots for myself just for fun. I will try to document what I do and learn in this blog. I hope I will do my best.

Below are a few of my earlier shots that I did for fun.

This is a shot I wanted to try to make an entire environment.

So, I thought of a simple shot I could put together and animate on my own.  This did not turn out how I had in my mind.  It made it about 60% of the way to what I imagined.

I figure that is fairly good, right? At least for my first animation and environment.

I wanted a lot more dust and particles when the barn collapsed.  But my computer just couldn't handle it with the physics it was already doing.

I filmed the footage for this while waiting for my wife to get off work. 

I had to footage but didn't know what I wanted to do.  So, I just decided to blow up a building.  I added the lower thirds just for some context... Because yes, a building blowing up needs context.

I did this video so a friend of mine Jud Hailey. So, the lesson I learned with this project is.... SPELL CHECK! I missed the typo in the title of the video.

I didn't catch it until after I delivered the video to him. Fortunately, the rest is correct and he understood mistakes happen.

Also, go check out his music (link above).

Action VFX

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