July 25

Filming my own VFX shots for Practice

Starting out as a Freelance VFX artist is not the easiest thing to do. In fact, it is downright hard. I do it because I like to make Visual effects. 

I have been creating (filming) my own VFX shots so I can get practice creating the effects for each one.

This time I want to step up my production in terms of quality compared to my last few videos.  I want to create an original short video with the best visual effects.  I plan on creating all original effects but I might have to use some of the best stock footage I can find.

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In addition to some stock footage I may have to use some VFX tutorials, there is plenty I don't know.  When I use these resources, I will provide links or descriptions on where I found them.

I am currently in the planning stages of this video.  And I want to take you along with me.

I want to log/blog the entire process for you.  I am just now planning this project and not everything is clear yet.  However, I want to document this process here.

 So, let’s get to it!

Pre Production

So, this is where I am beginning this process.

I plan on using a story board to plan out the story and the shots for this project.  I will be using Studio Binder for help with this.

I will not be using a script as there are very few spoken words in this and it is mostly visual.  I think I just need something to help me keep track of the different shots and angles.

The basic concept is the everyday guy getting sucked to a demon realm having to fight a horde of demons.  Yes, some of these shots are going to be very heavy into the VFX side of things.

The inspiration from this comes from the new game Doom Eternal

Doom is a great game with some stunning visuals.  I think I can make a short video that takes insparation from this game.  

This will be a challenge! 

I am up for it. 🙂

Doom Eternal
Opening Story Board

Opening Story Board made from clip art

I want to open with something that sets the world up.

The cliché news report I think might be a good open.  Remember, while I want it to be entertaining, I am doing this for effects practice not script writing. So, I am okay with the cliché news report opening.

After the opening a pull back will reveal THE GUY watching the report.

THE GUY will then search the house for something.

He finds a shotgun and holds it up.

The ground opens up beneath him.  He falls into the hole and struggles on the edge.  Ultimately falling in.

Doom Eternal

THE GUY slowly stands, and looks out over the demon realm.  The camera pushes past THE GUY over a hoard of demons and monsters.

(Optional camera over the horde pushes to a medium shot on THE GUY) 

I am still considering how to shoot this so it will serve the story. Either way I will get to do nearly the same VFX for it.  At moment I am still considering options for this and other shots.

NEXT: Cut to black.

Sound, fighting demon screams, gun blasts. 

Flashes of still images.  THE GUY fighting the demons.

 THE GUY bloodied and hurt climbs out of the hole.

I can't wait to till the next steps of this process and sharing it with you.  Till then, get started on your own project.  Leave a comment below or email me and let me know what you are working on.

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