September 25

Change of Plans

Well, this post is to tell you that I have to change my plans. This is going to be a short and sweet post.

Don’t worry these changes are temporary. I was planning on putting out much more content in the form for posts, free pre keyed VFX clips, and maybe even a training course.  However, all that is going to be on hold for a while.

Blender 2.8+ Hotkey Map

This is NOT ANOTHER LIST of key functions.  It is a visual map of Blenders Hotkeys.

I'm Moving

This website is staying put!

Moving Boxes

Yes my family is moving, the site is staying put.

My family and I are moving.  We are moving across the country, about 1700 miles or so.  Preparing and executing the move under normal conditions is difficult, while a pandemic is around is extra strenuous.  For this reason, I have decided to postpone some of my content on this site.  Don’t worry I will be back soon and hope to ramp up this site a ton.

Please be Patient

Please be patient, but know I will still reply to questions and do what I can, though I may not have my pc.

In the mean time you may should check out some of the links in my resources page as they can be super helpful.  In fact, I would appreciate it if you would check them out and let me know what ones are the most useful to you!

I know waiting can be hard.  It is difficult for me too. I have been looking forward to making a lot of the stuff I now have to put on hold.  However, this will let me plan things out better. I might even be able to put a blog post or two up during the move.  We shall see on that, so please don't count on that.

Dog Waiting

Just waiting around for you!

This move was somewhat unexpected but will be fun and good in the long run.  It’s just a matter of getting it accomplished.  So, in the meantime please check out those resource and maybe enter a video contests such as My Rode Reel or the Film Riot Make Film Contest.  Add a comment with your entries to contests, I want to see what you make.  I love to enter these contests and others like them, even when I have no chance.  I think they are fun, and the experience is awesome.  Every time I get better and better.

Good luck and see you real soon!


Action VFX

Hollywood Quality, DIY prices.  Best VFX you can find.

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