Rescources for Video and VFX

Below is a list of vfx and video recourse that I regularly use. Some of these may be affiliate links but I would recommend all of these services even without the affiliate links. I use and like every one of these services.

Action VFX

Action VFX has a ton of super high-quality live action clips.  They also offer a ton of stuff for free.

*Affiliate link

Production Crate

They have a large number of clips and resources for user. They offer a ton of it for free and have a lot of tutorials. In addition they charge a very, very reasonable rate if you do join.

*Affiliate link

Epidemic Sound

I use Epidemic Sound for nearly all of my audio needs.  They have a huge library of music.  Best of all they have a ton of sound effects too.  I feel the sound effects set them apart, far apart from any of the other sound services out there.

*Affiliate link


This is a great application to organize and manipulate your sound effects. They have a great free program and it only gets better with their subscriptions. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.


Blender is probably the best program out there for 3D vfx work.  Yes there are great programs out there but, none are free like blender.  I use Blender all of the time.

Sheepit Render Farm

This is the best render farm for Blender by far.  It is free.  It is distributed rendering, you can help render other peoples projects in return they render yours.