Quality Visual Effects on an Indie Budget

You can still get the shot you envision. Don't let funding hold you back.

Do you really need visual effects for your project?

Visual effects are not just explosions and animated characters. 

There is likely no Hollywood movie, even dramas that don't have some type of effects. 

Some of the best effects are the ones the audience never notices- equipment removal, set extensions, sign replacement.  These are all effects that are very achievable for an independent film maker. These will bring your film to the next level of quality.

Remove Equipment

Sometimes equipment ends up in the otherwise perfect take. You can reshoot, use a worse take or remove it digitally in post.

Set Extensions

Digital set extensions are some of the most powerful uses of visual effects for indie film makers.  Done right they can also be some of the most affordable effects.

Sign Replacement

A sign can tell the audience a lot about the world you are creating.  Sometimes a real sign is in the way or needs to say something different.  The slow down sign above just wasn't right for this shot so I replaced it with "Speed Up!"

Getting Started with EFFECTS for your shots

If you are making short films or videos there is a good chance you need

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