The Longest Way to get Into VFX

No matter who you are, you can still learn visual effects!

No matter how experienced you are.  If you are in a different industry; old or young, you can still learn quality visual effects.  You can even use free and mostly free software to do it!

Me, David Smith

You can start learning by joining the VFX Smith free membership to get information and resources for your VFX path.  This includes instant access to all of our free courses.

Learning Quality Effects is Satisfying and Rewarding

You can learn effects for personal projects, for your own enjoyment or for professional work freelancing or even in a studio.  The decision is really up to you.  But you have to take the first steps to it.

Here I am! David Smith about 15 years ago.

Long before I joined the military (US Air force) I wanted to work in Special Effects. After seeing Jurassic Park I wanted to make movies. 

My friends and I would spend days if not weeks building card board models.  Then we would fill them with gas and/or black powder and film them burning/exploding. I was only about 11... yes you read that right 11. 

I joined the military wanting to learn how to take bombs💣apart, so after I served I could build bombs💣 for an effects studio.

That was the extent of my plan. Not only did I not learn how to take bombs apart but I forgot I wanted to work in special effects 😔.

I didn't even think about working with video or effects for years... Then I met, my now good friend, Jud Hailey He asked me to work on his show Brews and Eats.  This Sparked something in me💥.  After this I learned I wanted to make videos and I started getting into effects.  I even remembered that once a upon a time (Long Long Ago🙂) I wanted to work in the effects industry.

I began teaching myself how to film vfx shots, and create the effects I wanted to see.  It was a long slow process that is continuing today.  I am not done learning this stuff. I never will be.

I love teaching what I have learned!

I have been teaching myself and learning visual effect (primarily in Blender as well as other applications) for years now.  I not only want to keep learning but I want to help others learn.  Some of the information about VFX out there is hard to find and very disorganized (the internet as a whole).

I want to provide help to others that I did not have. Not only do I want to help other learn.  I want to help you get your vision on the screen.  If that vision is an image, a single vfx shot or an entire film, I want to help you tell your stories.

"I think that if you're creating an environment completely my research, what I've learned is that if it's a CG world or a lot of visual effects, you're almost better doing that in post." ~ Neal H. Moritz

You can learn visual effects and video production

You can learn everything from simple shots to complex simulations.  The only thing holding you back is you.  If you really want to learn take one step each day.  Lean one new task a day.

You can start by joining the VFX Smith free membership to get information and resources for your VFX path.  This includes instant access to all of our free courses.